My New Favorite Book

30 Mar

I am so impressed with You Are Your Own Gym by . I read it in one sitting and started his workout plan the next day.

Top 3 Reasons Why I Looove This Book!:

1. All the exercises are that can be done with no equipment, or basic household objects like tables, chairs, etc. Bodyweight exercises build which teaches the muscles to work in coordination, not isolation, making them ideal for maximizing overall fitness no matter what your starting level.

2. The exercises and the workouts are so simple (but not easy!!). On day one, for example, I did a 30 minute workout that only used 4 basic exercises. The descriptions of the principles behind the plan are clear and concise, so it is ideal for beginners.

3. This program has endless potential to increase challenges! Lauren lays out basic rules for adding challenges to literally any exercise. My goal for this year: handstand training. Now that it’s on the internet I’ll have to do it. ;)

I recommend this program to anyone, male or female, but if you are not familiar with proper form for bodyweight exercises please consult with a trainer first. If you stick with it, maybe someday you’ll be as strong as this guy:


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