I’m Sick Of Feminists Attacking Female Comedians

26 May

Yeah, I said it. Leave them alone, you big bullies!

So everyone’s making a big deal about Bridesmaids because it’s a mainstream movie featuring a female ensemble cast, which is rare to see in any genre, especially comedy. I’ve seen it twice now and not only is it hilarious, but it has provided great entertainment for nights out with the gal pals. Regardless, I’ve been really pissed off at the response it’s been getting in my corner of the blogosphere.

Some feminists just could not WAIT to tear this movie apart. Why? Basically, “Just because it’s written by women and stars an all-female cast with a plot focused mainly on female friendship rather than the prince charming story– doesn’t necessarily make it feminist!” 

My friendly question to you sisters: Is this really the most productive use of your time?

Reasons some feminists have criticized Bridesmaids:

1) “Ok, so the protagonist is a business owner- but it’s a bakery!”

Um, yeah, ok. So feminists can’t bake? Oops, I was planning to bake cookies this week. I guess I’m a powerless victim of the patriarchy then. Come on.

2) “This movie doesn’t deal well with fat!”

Wow. So if you think a character is “fat” and she is also funny then that movie, by extension, is making fun of fat people? Without giving too much away, other women in this movie use liberal amounts of gross potty humor. Kristin Wiig’s and Maya Roudolph’s characters are shown in the preview being silly with brownies all over their teeth. If they were fat, would that joke have been offensive? Additionally, the character Megan is happy and successful in every possible way in her life. If I were Melissa McCarthy I would be offended at the response her character has gotten in many feminist blogs. I like to think she was cast for her talent, not her body type. Her only crime was stealing the show.

3) “Ew, a happy Hollywood ending!” *SPOILER ALERT*

Yeah… because it’s only feminist if she’s sad and alone? P.S. The main character’s love story parallels what I’ve been trying to say forever: jerks are jerks, date the nice guys. She learns this lesson in this movie.

4) “This movie didn’t tackle serious social issues facing women.”

*Forehead slap* It’s a COMEDY. Comedy. Not a documentary. Not a thought-provoking drama. It’s a comedy. With potty humor. And slapstick. And strong female friendships which, last time I checked, is, oh yeah, SUPER FEMINIST.

5) “Ugh, not another wedding movie!”

The groom has zero lines and the wedding takes up like 5 minutes of screen time. Get over it. Big picture, people.

It was not designed to make a feminist statement. It’s just a comedy. It’s awesome because it’s hilarious, and it’s awesome for its portrayal of female friendships, and it’s awesome to see female-centered comedy that appeals to a mass audience.

Let’s not criticize the women out there making movies. Let’s focus our attention on the industry that is SO MALE DOMINATED that people are making a big deal out of a silly comedy just because it features women. Sisterhood. Solidarity. Seriously though, see Bridesmaids (but not on a full bladder ;) ).

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