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Reminder to Wisconsin Women: VOTE!

4 Apr

Tomorrow, Tuesday April 5, is an election day in Wisconsin and I urge all my readers to get to the polls and vote, vote, VOTE!!

Top 3 Reasons Women Should Never Miss An Opportunity to Vote:

1. Our foremothers fought– HARD– to earn our right to participate in democracy.

When I was growing up, I remember reading one paragraph (or maybe two) in my history books that stated some version of, “The suffragettes fought for women’s right to vote and were given that right in 1920 with the institution of the 19th amendment.” Maybe they mentioned Susan B. Anthony.

To put it simply, they left out the most important parts of this story. If you don’t know about , please do some reading or check out the movie and prepare to be moved by the history of women’s suffrage for the first time.

Alice Paul being dragged by police

Alice led wartime outside the whitehouse. Protesters were attacked by mobs and arrested, where they staged hunger strikes and were mistreated and painfully force fed.

Women weren’t given the vote. Women fought for the vote and won against all odds. VOTE!

2. We are still dramatically underrepresented in government.

According to :

As of 2011, 17 of the 100 U.S. Senators are women. Thirteen of the women who have served were appointed; seven of those were appointed to succeed their deceased husbands.

There are currently 72 (16.6%).

We make up just over 50% of the population but only 17% of the government. Oh and we’ve been represented in the office of the president exactly never. VOTE!

3. The provides handy fact sheets to prepare voters for the polls.

Forget that old excuse of “I don’t have the time to get informed”! The League has done the legwork for you! Thank you, League of Women Voters! You’re the best! Now, please, don’t disappoint the League: VOTE!

…and for a heartwarming audio introduction to some spirited members of the League of Women Voters, please check out my dear pal ‘s piece: !

See you at the polls, ladies!


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